Quasar Data Center Acquires Spectrum 360 Tech Group

Quasar Data Center Acquires Spectrum 360 Tech Group

In February 2018, Quasar Data Center acquired Spectrum 360 Technology Group to integrate its on-site Managed Services practice into our family of services. Spectrum 360 Technology Group was a family owned business with a 9 year history of exemplary customer service.  Quasar has partnered with Spectrum 360 over the last two years working together to offer a complete IT solution od Cloud and On-site service.

With this acquisition, Quasar has an internal ability to provide a complete IT solution with personalized on-site solutions that combine and enhance our Quasar Cloud and Quasar Complete services. For example, immediately after the merger, Quasar utilized the former Spectrum 360 team to complete infrastructure wiring upgrades, wireless installations, and network upgrades to 5 John Deere Dealerships in Northeast Texas. In the past this is work we would partner with another company to perform. We were able to complete this work using 100% internal resources.

As another added benefit, we now offer on-site support as part of our DaaS, Quasar Cloud, and Quasar Complete solutions eliminating the need for another company to perform any on-site services.

Quasar Data Center also gained so new talent to add to its existing technical and administrative teams:

D. Robert Trembath – VP of Technology Services – The former CEO and Founder of Spectrum 360 TG has taken on a newly created role that is involved in product development, technology service offering, sales, marketing, social media and communications for Quasar. He has 28 years of experience in the IT Managed Services space servicing small to medium businesses in the Houston area and brings this experience to our administrative and marketing teams.

Kevin Lemons – Field Services Manager – Kevin continues his 17 year role in field services while expanding his role to include helping out with Quasar’s 24/7 Support Center and Deployment Services. His continued work ethic and dedication to customer service is now added to the Quasar Support Team.

Eric Foster – Customer Support – Eric has been integrated into the support team here at Quasar and continues to be an example employee. He is working on additional technical certifications, working at our support call center and on-site deployments.

Quasar Data Center has now become one of the only full service IT firms that owns and operates its own Data Centers and Cloud platform. We offer what no other IT firm or MSP in Houston can offer; a complete solution owned and managed by a single company. We offer a solution that is superior in quality of service and accountability. We are the small business solution engineered from the ground up to service small business.