Quasar Expands into Cloud Services

Quasar has expanded into cloud services and business continuity solutions to supplement their colocation and managed IT services. “This is a natural progression of Quasar’s service offerings and goal of becoming a full-service data center,” claims Kevin Lambert, the VP of Marketing and Sales. “We now have the ability to serve an even wider range of customers through these expanded services.” Quasar’s Cloud Computing solution is a Xen Server virtualization platform that provides customers the ability to utilize many VPS/VDSs with the performance, stability, and scalability needed to meet their virtualization requirements. In addition, Quasar offers infrastructure as a service platform (IaaS) through “Cloudstack”, which effectively runs “on top” of Quasar’s XenServer enterprise to construct a highly customizable and elastic platform. This capability gives the end user virtually complete control of the resources they are provided. Quasar’s business continuity solutions will keep your company computer network up and running through interruptions of any kind. Not only is your data restored to its former state, it is quickly restored with little to no downtime or interruption to your business.