vCompute announces new Cloud Computing facility in partnership with Quasar Data Center.

vCompute announces new Cloud Computing facility in partnership with Quasar Data Center.

Virtual Compute Corporation announced today that it has successfully negotiated a new partnership with Quasar data center to provide Cloud Computing and HPC on demand services. “This facility will be a key component for our cloud efforts and the complex computing services that our clients require,” commented Edward Hawes, CEO of vCompute.

The Quasar and vCompute partnership will concentrate on providing private cloud services and server farms too many different companies here and abroad need to increase capacity without expanding their internal centers or adding more staff and infrastructure. Quasar is the third computational center that vCompute has deployed in Houston and according to industry sources, a fourth is planned for San Diego CA to accommodate defense efforts.

vCompute continues to grow as demand for computational resources intensifies during the economic slowdown. When ask about the growth, Mr. Hawes stated “vCompute’s growth is a logical result of corporations tightening capital expenditures and relying more on outsourcing partners. The cycle of replenishing technology is never ending and medium and large businesses are starting to realize that using vCompute eliminates the need for constant upgrading of systems, staff, and data center space. Due to the economies of scale, vCompute can provide these resources cheaper than corporations can internally.”

vCompute has recently added GPU and Cloud technologies as well as completing the Infiniband upgrade across the entire spectrum of infrastructure. Industries that currently use vCompute include medical research firms, geophysical companies, government entities, and earth sciences organizations. All these clients have increased requirements for computational power, and vCompute’s growth is expected to continue according to a company spokesman.

vCompute has been a leading provider of High Performance Computing systems since 2003 and has been very private about its clients and levels of infrastructure available. Even as they fly under the media radar, they have been quietly growing for the last 7 years and appear to be one of the longest running HPC providers yet. Clearly this company is one to watch as they have weathered the economic slowdown very well and succeeded in establishing a solid footprint in the computing industry.

vCompute is a registered trademark of Virtual Compute Corporation

For more information go to or call 281 213 3420 or Quasar Data Center