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Add Access Immediately for Remote Employees

In the wake of Covid-19, many companies are choosing to temporarily close their offices and have employees work remotely. Quasar is offering emergency Remote Desktop Services with no setup fee and a heavily discounted cost. We can easily integrate with your existing network.

These RDS solutions can be setup quickly,

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Still Rolling the Dice?

I spend part of my week reviewing public security breach disclosures from companies large and small then share that information. It is amazing to me how many companies are still being victimized by ransomware! So many companies are failing to take this seriously until it's too late. Here's what you can do.

A new year always bring reflection and insight. For me, it's often what can I do better, how can I be more effective? This means different thing to everyone. I cannot express enough concern when it comes to helping businesses be prepared for the threats they face in today's digital landscape. So this

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Warning to Home Automation Users

Home automation is a trend that has been driving an entire new industry using IoT. Unfortunately, these can open new security holes that users need to be aware of that enable hackers to have full access to their homes. This is not something I normally cover in my blogs but it is

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