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Why Are You Rolling the Dice?

I spend part of my week reviewing public security breach disclosures from companies large and small. I share out information on many I consider to be an active threat to all of us on-line. It is amazing to me how many companies still get victimized by ransomware! So many companies are failing to

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What is Cloud?

What do DaaS, IaaS, SaaS, DRaaS and ASP mean?

I was in a meeting the other day when one of the members of that meeting stop the presenter with, " Wait a minute! I'm a business owner not an engineer. What do all the acronyms you throwing at me mean?"

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New Partnership with TechnoCycle!

CQuasar Data Center is happy to announce a strategic partnership with TechnoCycle. Last week, a colleague and I had the privilege to take a tour of TechnoCycle's Houston technology recycling center. We were amazed at what this company has accomplished. To say that we were impressed would be an understatement!

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