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Phishing is still a Huge Security Issue

It amazes me how many people still fall victim to phishing schemes. Even with a mail filtering security service in place; I still get these daily. It doesn't matter where my email account is hosted, Google, Microsoft, etc.  We have to start teaching our friends/family/employees what to look for, what to do when they are
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Webinar on Cyber-Security Basics

Do you provide training for your employees on how to recognize cyber-threats?

Training is the Best Defense

Over the last two years, I have been privileged to speak to Teachers, Parents, Students and Business Owners about cyber-security and how this to avoid common pitfalls. Many fail to recognize these because no one ever taught them what to
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Weekly Interactive Cloud Q&A Webinars

We will be hosting a professional series of webinars for business owners, CFO's, CEO's and Financial Mangers who are really looking to serious answers to taming their IT expenses and adapting a model that will scale with their business. Webinars are every Wednesday at 2:30pm. These will be interactive so during the presentation, we will ask you
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