Warning to Home Automation Users

Warning to Home Automation Users

Home automation is a trend that has been driving an entire new industry using IoT. Unfortunately, these can open new security holes that users need to be aware of that enable hackers to have full access to their homes. This is not something I normally cover in my blogs but it is pretty serious as I know many people personally who use these devices.

Many of you have seen the stories about hackers gaining access to devices like Alexa that enable voice control of your home. Much of this has been due to third party contractors working for companies like Google and Amazon that help them collect , analysis and mange data from those devices.

Earlier this year, reports that these third party companies were listening to conversation and even recording them without user knowledge came to light. Some reported that they recorded intimate encounters directly from devices located in homes.

There is now a new threat as hackers have developed a way to transmit commands via lasers to these devices in lines of sight from outside the home. They can take control of the device and even order products/services on your account without your knowledge. They can even unlock your door or open your garage door to gain access to your home.

Buyers beware here. If you just have to have these products, make sure they are not in line of site of your exterior windows. This applies to all Internet connected, Voice enabled home automation devices. It only requires a technically skilled thief and about $500 of equipment to be able to use this method to break into your home or worse. This issue was originally reported by Fox News last week.

As always, I hope this information proves to be useful and informative.